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Swirly is a stylized, 2D, Action/Arcade game.

The premise is simple.

You, the player, have 45 seconds to rack up as many points as you can.

Shooting down enemies (LEFT CLICK) will earn you 20 points a pop, but risking a well timed punch (RIGHT CLICK) will earn you 200.

Should an enemy find its way to you, surviving your flurry of energy blasts and burning punches, you lose 10 points. Falling out of the bounds of the map loses you 10 points also, so jump well.

When you die, you instantly respawn in the center of the map, where the enemies will no doubt be viciously waiting for you, so don't waste a SINGLE one of those precious seconds, and get back into the action!

|| Controls ||

LEFT CLICK = shoot
W, A, S, D = movement scheme
ESCAPE = exit scene (on the title screen this closes the game)

|| Developer's Notes ||

This is my first ever completed game, and I'm really excited to see what you guys have to say! Please don't hold back in criticism, I'd rather get a harsh but detailed description of where I can improve than a useless but kind one (although don't be afraid to say if you like the game!).

Please Enjoy!

Install instructions

After downloading make sure you extract all from the .zip file. Don't rename or move the data or .exe files after downloaded because they might not work. If that happens, a delete and reinstall should work fine. Enjoy the game and please leave feedback!


Swirly v.0.1.zip 11 MB

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